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Zanzibar Beach House, Monsoon Garden Zanzibar Beach House, Monsoon Garden Zanzibar Beach House, Monsoon Garden Zanzibar Beach House, Monsoon Garden Zanzibar Beach House, Monsoon Garden Zanzibar Beach House, Monsoon Garden Zanzibar Rock RestaurantZanzibar Rock Restaurant

This Company is wholly owned by UK resident directors and was incorporated in Zanzibar. (March 2006)

The project was conceived to acquire prime beach land for private residential development. ZBH Co is the first and only company to do this on the island.

The greatest sensitivity to environmental factors will be realised. Every effort is being made to retain harmony with the environment and the local community within this project.; our first in Zanzibar and called "Monsoon Garden", is located at Pingwe, a village on the east coast set on 2km of unspoilt beach, seen below.

Monsoon Garden Houses

Houses for sale in Zanzibar, Monsoon Garden, Pingwe

Monsoon Garden, Dar house, Zanzibar

ZBH Co ltd has a fully furnished house Dar House ready for sale at Monsoon Garden on the edge of the Indian Ocean on one of Zanzibar's best beaches at Pingwe, on the east coast. There are plans on the website for four other houses which can be bought and then built with input to the interior by the future owner. The houses are mostly around 300 square metres with large rooms and high ceilings, and are set in their own private gardens, with a 30 metre freshwater swimming pool and bathing terraces. There is privacy and shared sense of community for those who do not wish to have an isolated property. The management provides maintenance and security with other services such as rental and staff to make ownership and all year round use an opportunity to gain a rental income when owners and their guests are away from the house.

Set in land with 150 metres of beach front with spectacular views and friendly local and international neighbours at hand this is the ideal way to experience the real Zanzibar in the greatest comfort, privacy and a peace. Talk to our London agents as below for more information and see the architectural computer generated images in houses for sale or rent Dar House and find out everything while you holiday in Zanzibar's newest destination Dar House

Contact: Monur Court Tel DL: +44 (0) 207 795 3334
Monsoon Garden Houses

Holiday Rentals in Zanzibar, Dar House, Monsoon Garden, Pingwe

Monsoon Garden Houses for renting in Zanzibar Monsoon Garden Houses for renting in Zanzibar Monsoon Garden Houses for renting in Zanzibar Monsoon Garden Houses for renting in Zanzibar

“ ZBH Co Ltd also offers Dar House for rental so future buyers, or those wanting to find the house closest to the legendary white sand and perfect sea bathing, can enjoy exclusive service not available in a hotel environment. The house has great a chef and housekeeper, the private garden and pool are cared for so that you can relax in the quiet natural surroundings of unique quality. The house is well equipped and close enough to some of the best hotels in Zanzibar to allow guests to have the best of both worlds: spas, watersports, restaurants, bars and the private sanctuary of your own home staffed to provide you with the most relaxing way to enjoy precious time in the Indian Oceans most lovely island.
[ Please contact Pure Zanzibar for details on how to rent Dar House ] “

Contact Details: Pure Zanzibar   Tel DL:  +44 (0)1227 753 180
Monsoon Garden Houses
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just south of the equator and 30 miles off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is the name of the main island in what is an archipelago served by many local and international flights as well as regular high speed ferries from Dar es Salaam the capital of Tanzania

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the Zanzibar Beach House Co ltd recommends Pure Zanzibar for travel to and holidays in Zanzibar at " DAR HOUSE. - Monsoon Garden ". Pure Zanzibar will arrange all flights, accommodation and ground transport in Zanzibar and add safari options on the way to or from your visit to Monsoon Garden, using Zanzibar's top hotels on the best beaches.
Tel DL: +44 (0) 1227 753 180

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on our beach and in the waves theres Rocky, ( simple fish wine and beer ), "upendo" a charming swahili beach micro hotel with deck on the beach serving cocktails and good food under the stars – an international ly run seafood restaurant at the Karafuu Hotel is ten minutes walk up the beach; a few miles down the coast are 5 star hotel Sultan Place and baraza with lovely bars and restaurants. Paje beach village a short drive away is full of small bars restaurants and by day, watersports activities to work up a thirst and an appetite.

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“ combine your stays at Monsoon Garden “ with a trip any of East Africas top lodges just a short flight away all arranged by Pure Zanzibar “

Monsoon Garden Houses