daily life at Monsoon Garden

why Zanzibar?

The place has been written about since the time of Herodotus. Travellers, explorers, traders and now tour guides provide coverage of every aspect of the history, culture,

the history

"...The 9th -century Arab tale of Sinbad the Sailor, one of the stories in The Arabian Nights, was most probably inspired by accounts of journeys by arab sailors to east Africa and southeast Asia".
( the Bradt Travel Guide - 6th edition 2006 )

.thus literature becomes part of the history of an island where legend becomes part of life.

food + cooking; eating out and at home

The nearest restaurant to Monsoon Garden is the stunning "Rocky", a mere 5 minutes stroll along the beach. The area is well served with other places to eat both locally and further afield.

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Beach Boy Fadhil

Monsoon Garden residents might like to have the assistance of Fadhil who lives in the village and can organise local tours on the island. He's reliable and knows a very great deal. You'll find him on his phone at all times and he can come to meet you to discuss what you'd like him to show you on the island from Spice Tours to Stone Town historical.

tel + 255 (0) 777 879 107


The number one activity is probably hanging out on the beach and swimming in the tidal lagoon, which is sand bottomed, so it looks amazing, and no shredded feet. Zanzibar is known as a favourite location for scuba diving and snorkeling both inside the tranquil turquoise lagoon waters and beyond the sheltering reef. This particular coral reef is of huge importance to the worlds remaining living show of this natural wonder.

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wild life

Wild life is on your doorstep with turtles returning to the beaches to lay their eggs under the care of a turtle conservation programme. Not far away is Jozani Forest which is a forestry reserve; the only habitat for the Colobus monkey, and a place to explore the mangrove forest on raised walkways to observe the species in this rare environment.

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