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16.09.2011 - The Weekend FT

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Long a post-safari seaside idyll, Zanzibar – just 25 miles off Tanzania’s coast – is reinventing itself as a destination in its own right, with new resorts offering a blend of elegant and ebullient luxury.

By Viana Shallengarger. Sunday Times – How To Spend It

06.07.2008 - Sunday Times Property

African living, I presume

Once the preserver of explorers, the island of Zanzibar is opening

Up to overseas investors, says Helen Davies

It took Henry Stanley, the Victorian explorer, several weeks to reach Zanzibar in 1971; modern-day jet-setters need just 10 hours to get to the spice island, off the east coast of Africa. Now, property developers are moving in: the first residential scheme aimed at overseas buyers has gone on sale, albeit on a 66-year lease, the longest the government with permit.

Prices at Monsoon Garden, a gated complex of five properties on the nutskirts of the pingwe, a fishing village in the east of the island, 70 minutes’ drive from the capital, Zanzibar city, start at 395,000. That buys a three-bed, three -bath house with a 50 ft living room, a media room and plunge pool. The largest house, at 5,500 sq ft, costs 695,000 and has a private swimming pool.

The properties are surrounded by a coral-stone wall and have direct access to 150 meters of white sandy beach, fringed by lush coconut plantations and the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar, 2-half hours by boat from Dar es Salaam and famous for its spices, the slave trade and the birthplace of the late Freddie Mercury, has long attracted honeymooners and travellers looking for an off-the-beaten-track beach destination with more culture than the Maldives, the Seychelles or Mauritius.

The philosophy is to have a house in a beautiful place that still retains a strong local identity, says Marilyn Acons, director of the London-based Zanzibar Beach House Company, the developer behind the project. Zanzibar is the special place.

The design is inspired by the Island’s African and Arab influences. The properties have mukuti roofs of woven palm leaves, and no air conditioning, they take advantage of Swahili ventilation, the sea breeze

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