food + cooking; eating out and at home

The nearest restaurant to Monsoon Garden is the stunning "Rocky", a mere 5 minutes stroll along the beach. The area is well served with other places to eat both locally and further afield.

" Stone Town is Tanzania's culinary apotheosis, offering an embarrassment of choice when it comes to eating out..." The Rough Guide to Zanzibar 2006 Jens Fink

Zanzibari cuisine has evolved as a result of the many exotic influences down the ages. Garnering a bounty of spices, tropical fruits and vegetables from around the island and seafood from its very own shoreline the cuisine is rich in variety. Italian food is quite popular as well as Chinese, Indian and other ethnic cuisines, which are found in some restaurants hotels and small beach bars all around the coast. In our experience the local dishes could not be more delicious and healthy.

From the rooftop restaurants of Stone Town to the night time beach barbeque at Mtoni Marine, or over water deck of Akuna Matata at a village called Bububu there's plenty of high quality choice. But you will be tempted by the ultimate prize of eating in your own beach house (domestic help is widely available). Whether people cook for themselves or have a chef to do it there's a pleasure in making the most of the natural and tasty fresh food that is native to Zanzibar. Its hard to beat a simple lunch of fish from the lagoon in the cool of a breezey terrace or a barbeque under the stars, millions of them.