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"...Oral traditions of the Swahili people are replete with the stories of migrations of people not only from the African mainland, but also from Arabia, the Persian Gulf, India and even beyond. They represent a heterogeneous society in a constant process of homogenisation. The cosmopolitan character of the people is fundamental to a consideration of their cultural heritage. Nowhere is the cultural synthesis so visible as in the architecture of Zanzibar". ( Zanzibar Stone Town an architectural exploration - Prof Abdul Sheriff and Javed Jafferji )

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sustainability and being green

In a recent Government action the use by shopkeepers and market stall holders of blue plastic carrier bags was banned. The "national flower of Zanzibar " so called because of their prevalence on the ground is to become a thing of the past. The recent past.

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nature and the marine environment;
people and craft

The culture and gastronomy, economy and trades of Zanzibar are there because of what nature has brought to this part of the world. The seasonal monsoons brought traders in search of spices, ivory from the mainland and ambergris. The Zanzibar is grow spices and are adept fisherman.


Again the location of Zanzibar at the heart of the monsoon winds has brought musical influence from the regions around the Indian Ocean and the resulting taarab is a glorious harmony of these combined sounds from Africa and the Middle East and India.

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